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Engagement Rings

If you wish to have a diamond cut that has the beauty of two different cuts, then a pear cut is for you. This is because it is a combination of two diamond cuts; round brilliant and marquise cuts. This unique diamond cut combines the best features of both round and marquise cut diamonds. For the portions of the curve on the shoulders to match, pear-shaped diamonds must be cut uniformly. The pear cut’s standard-length ranges from 1.40 to 1.70 inches, and the ratio chosen is often a matter of personal taste. Long diamonds are preferred by some women, whereas wider diamonds are preferred by others.

Today, pear cut is widely preferred for lab-grown diamonds because many people prefer them over natural diamonds for engagement rings. Also, choosing pear cut means, you get the characteristics of both round and marquise diamonds.

It Is Not A Traditional Shape

You’re getting an unusual cut when you choose a pear shape diamond-cut engagement ring. As a result, the ring takes on a unique shape and is unlike any other. You won’t be able to compare rings with female colleagues and find the same diamond shape. Ladies who would like to stand out in a crowd will appreciate this.

Vintage-Inspired Design

Although the pear cut dates back to the early 1900s, it can be the focal point of a lovely vintage design. The pear cut is a wonderful vintage style for ladies who don’t want to go for fashionable cuts like the princess.

Demand Is Lower

You’ll be able to locate the kind of diamond ring that resonates with you due to the lower demand for pear-shaped cut diamond engagement rings. You’ll have to compete with others for the best diamonds in other cuts. Because of the lower demand, there will be more gorgeous pear-cut diamond rings available for the engagement ring you desire.

Makes Your Fingers Look Slimmer

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

The slimming characteristics of the pear cut attract many women. Depending on you wearing the ring with the point away from the body or down, the ring’s elongated shape ensures that your finger looks longer and slimmer. What the ladies like and find appealing will determine how they wear them.

They Are Cheaper Than Most Other Cuts

As we have mentioned, pear cut diamond has a lower demand and it makes the price of the pear cut diamond ring much lower than that of round cut and marquise cut. The price of a pear-cut diamond is determined by the side diamonds and the metal that goes with it.

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