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A range of stunning options is available for you when it comes to choosing a diamond shape for your engagement ring which ranges from the traditional round brilliants to more uncommon options like baguette and trillion. It can be sometimes overwhelming for you to choose a diamond shape for engagement rings because of the wide variety of options available to you. If you are finding it difficult to choose between traditional options and unique engagement ring styles, then it is better to find a middle ground.

Oval diamonds can be a wonderful option for brides who want something distinct from round diamonds but do not want to deviate too much from the traditional options. As oval diamonds create a stunning alternative to round diamonds, they can make your ring unique without straying away from classic engagement ring designs. Additionally, oval diamonds can be a timeless choice for your ring that will still be adored even after decades.

You can get a lot of benefits by choosing oval diamond engagement rings instead of other diamond shapes. Some of the perks associated with choosing this particular diamond shape are listed below:

Great Brilliance And Sparkle

Just like round diamonds, oval diamonds also exhibit an excellent shine, as both of them feature the brilliant cut that is designed to optimize the sparkle.

Elegant Shape

The oblong shape can be a great option to complement your long and slender finger. It can also suit people with short and wide fingers, as its elongated shape can make the fingers look slender and longer.

Bigger Appearance

The elongated shape of oval diamonds can also be beneficial for people who want to make their engagement ring bigger. It looks bigger than round diamonds of the same carat weight.


Oval diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds which makes them a pocket-friendly option for many people. Additionally, the availability of oval artificial diamonds can also make these stones greatly affordable.

Won’t Snag On Things

As oval diamonds do not have any sharp corners, they won’t snag on things. Also, the lack of sharp corners can help to reduce the risk of chipping.

Problems With Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds have some minor flaws too. Some oval diamonds can have the “bowtie” effect that involves a visible shadow in the middle of the stone. Also, this diamond shape can show imperfections more easily. So you will have to go for oval diamonds with higher quality grades to avoid these problems.

Despite their flaws, oval diamonds can be a stunning option if you are looking for stones with considerable sparkle and brilliance combined with lower price tags.

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