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If you want a distinct diamond shape that exhibits great sparkle for your engagement ring, then a radiant-cut diamond can be a wonderful choice for you. The silhouette of a radiant-cut diamond can be similar to that of an emerald-cut diamond with a rectangular shape and cut corners. However, both of them have great differences in terms of the number of facets and their arrangement. Radiant-cut diamonds can be a more brilliant and modern choice when compared to emerald diamonds. Hence, they can be one of the best options for engagement rings for modern brides.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant-cut diamonds are one among the fancy diamond shapes. They are available in both rectangular and square shapes. A radiant diamond features 70 facets which aresignificantly more than other popular diamond shapes like round and oval that usually come with 57 or 58 facets.

Radiant-cut diamonds have a modified-brilliant cut that is very similar to princess-cut diamonds. When getting a radiant diamond, it is important to know how different quality parameters can affect its appeal. Therefore, we list some of the important constraints you have to consider to get the best radiant diamond.

The Cut Grade

The GIA grades the cut of only round diamonds. Therefore, many jewelers usually grade the cut of fancy-shaped diamonds including radiant diamonds on their own. It is better to get radiant-cut diamonds with the best cut quality. This is important to make sure they exude the maximum sparkle. The cut can have a crucial impact on the brilliance and shine of your diamonds. Hence, it is necessary to give great importance to the cut quality to ensure that your diamond shines in a stunning way.

The Clarity Grade

The modified-brilliant faceting style of radiant diamonds can help to hide small inclusions. But bigger inclusions can be obvious. Therefore, it is better to avoid getting diamonds with bigger inclusions, as they can affect the stone’s beauty. We recommend choosing a VS2 or better grade for your radiant diamond.

The Carat Size

The price of radiant-cut diamonds is lower than that of round diamonds. Hence, the affordable price range of this diamond shape helps you to invest in a bigger diamond.

The Color Grade

If you are setting your radiant diamond in platinum or white gold, then it is recommended to choose a grade between G and J. But for colored metals, you can go for lower grades ranging from J to L.

Another important decision you have to make is whether to get natural or lab grown diamonds. Lab grown radiant diamonds can be 40% less expensive than natural ones.

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