Why Is A Bezel-Set Ring A Better Choice?

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Bezel-set engagement rings are known for their sleek and modern look. It can be a stylish and trendy design in comparison with the traditional look offered by the prong setting. However, the bezel setting also has some downsides. Hence, you need to know them before choosing a bezel ring. A few pros and cons of bezel-set engagement rings are discussed here.

Pros Of Bezel Setting

Some of the best advantages associated with a bezel-set ring are listed below:

It Stabilizes The Diamond

A bezel setting covers the entire circumference of the stone with metal thereby offering better stability. This reduces the chance of your stone getting damaged or falling out. If you are someone who is working in an environment where your ring can get easily bumped into something, then a bezel-set ring is suitable for you, as the metal surrounding the stone can offer better protection to it.

It Creates A Timeless Design

By choosing a bezel-set ring, you can get a minimalist and timeless design that is highly durable. Hence, the resale value of this ring can be high in comparison with many other settings. Also, you don’t have to worry about this ring going out of fashion anywhere soon.

It Won’t Snag On Things

This setting has no prongs and the stone is not high-set. So, a bezel ring won’t usually snag on your clothing and other things.

Cleaning Is Easy

Cleaning and maintaining your bezel ring is easy, as there is only a small possibility for dirt to get trapped in it.

Can Hide The Flaws Of The Stone

The metal surrounding the stone can efficiently mask the flaws and chips in the stone.

Cons Of Bezel Setting

There are some drawbacks associated with the bezel setting. They include:

It Can Minimize The Size Of The Stone

Here, the metal wraps around the stone thereby reducing its visibility.

It Can Reduce The Brilliance Of The Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The metal surrounding the diamond can reduce the amount of light entering it thereby reducing the brilliance and sparkle. Nonetheless, you can make your bezel rings inexpensive by going for lab grown diamonds.

It Can Be Expensive

As more metal is required to wrap the stone, this ring can be costly in comparison with a prong-set ring.

If you want a ring design that has a modern appeal and offers maximum protection for your stones, then a bezel ring can be a great choice for you. However, this might not be suitable for people who want flashy rings.

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