Best Ring Settings For An Oval Diamond

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Oval diamonds are just as stunning as round diamonds. They are actually the elongated version of your round brilliants that can offer a similar sparkle and shine. Even though oval diamonds are not as popular as round diamonds, they can still create a stunning choice for your engagement rings. With their elongated look and excellent sparkle, these diamonds can offer a traditional look to your ring.

Different settings are used for mounting an oval diamond to the ring. Prong and bezel settings are two popular options used for setting oval diamonds. If you are wondering whether to choose a prong or bezel setting for your engagement ring, read along to find out.

Prong Setting

This is the most commonly used setting for diamond jewelry including rings, earrings, etc. The prong setting can be a wonderful option for oval diamonds, as it can leave most of the stone visible. As this setting can enhance the stone’s brilliance and sparkle, the prong setting creates a popular option for people who want their rings to exhibit a wonderful shine.

You can elegantly showcase the unique shape of your oval diamonds by mounting them on a prong setting, as there is nothing to hinder the visibility of the stone.

Oval diamonds can be set using four or six prongs. The four-prong setting can accentuate the visibility and brilliance of the stone. However, the protection offered by this setting for your stone will be low, as there are only four prongs to hold the stone.

The six-prong setting can offer better protection for your oval diamond, as there are more prongs to hold the stone. But the visibility and brilliance of the diamond can reduce accordingly.

One of the problems with the prong setting is that as it leaves the major portion of the stone exposed, it can be more vulnerable to chipping and damage because of accidental hits. Also, the prongs can be easily bent or broken thereby increasing the risk of losing your stone.

Bezel Setting

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

If you are more concerned about the safety of your stones, then the best option for you to choose is the bezel setting. This setting can offer the most protection for your oval diamond when compared to other ring settings.

But as this setting encircle the diamond with a metal strip, it hinders the visibility of the stone and the light entering it. Hence, this particular setting can reduce the brilliance of your oval diamonds.

You can get natural and lab grown diamonds when it comes to oval diamonds. So you can choose an option based on your budget.

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